What Matters

August 2022 Issue

A Summer Home in the Arctic?

Is it hot enough for you? We are experiencing what may be considered the hottest northern hemisphere summer on record. The UK has recorded its highest temperatures ever which have in part caused raging forest fires across Greece, Italy, SpainFrance, and the UK. Here in the US, Lake Mead, which provides water to 25 million people, is drying up. And, at the time of writing this issue, 100 million Americans are under a heat advisory. Climate change is obviously happening and while this issue has become partisan and political both nationally and globally, there are things that individuals and businesses can do. Otherwise, we’ll all be looking for real estate in the Arctic.

Take the temperature down a notch

A firm called Agritecture has been designing and consulting with builders and city planners to incorporate agriculture and green living into the built environment. Yes, there are carbon offsets but moreover it’s the right thing to do. It literally brings the temperature down in cities and wherever there are a lot of hard surfaces that absorb heat. The garden in this photo is in Manhattan!

One stop eating

Granor Farm in Michigan just realized its goal of creating a large 7,300 square foot greenhouse where organic produce growing, food prep, and meal entertainment happen under one glass roof. How’s that for a reduced footprint? Let’s drive our EVs to meet for dinner.

Green is the new black

Green Building and Design Magazine has some inspired interiors using sustainable, eco-friendly materials. Interior Matter welcomes the challenge to clients who want this for their homes.

The next regeneration

Do you know what regenerative farming is? It is not what is practiced in most of the USA nor around the world but could lead to a reversal in our climate crisis. Kiss the Ground is a documentary that explains the subject and a potential solution for climate change. The practice eliminates the need for crop chemicals, sequesters carbon in the soil, and transforms dirt into soil through the return of micro-organisms. You can learn more hereand here. Say what you like (or dislike) about Adam Neumann, but he’s working on a well-funded startup in this space as well. Increasing crop output with no chemicals producing healthier foods without the need to till AND changing the course of climate change seems WIN WIN WIN to us.

On the boards

Featured this week is our #IMTotallyRadnor project. This full kitchen renovation will begin construction in just a few weeks. With dual-tone cabinetry, bronze metal wraps at the range hood and island bar, and pops of color, our clients’ new kitchen will be warm, inviting, and elevated.

It can often be difficult for clients to fully visualize what a new space will look like when it’s completely renovated. With this in mind, our design team provided these clients with in-house 3D renderings to give them a clear idea of what their new kitchen will look like once construction is complete. We’re so excited to see these designs come to life later this year!