Welcome to HAUS IM, our design studio and our creative home that we hope to share with you. It's a space steeped in rich history, buzzing with energy, and dedicated to helping our clients craft a life well-lived through exceptionally personal design. It's also an invitation to you to explore, create, and connect with others who share your passion to make the most out of the very brief time we have on this planet.

Design That Tells Your Story


At Interior Matter, we believe that a well-designed space is vital for a wholehearted life. Our surroundings profoundly affect our daily experiences, emotions, and well-being. Interior Matter’s mission is to transform spaces, so they mirror our clients’ uniqueness and aspirations, enhancing their lives in every way. We listen to your story and collaborate with you to create a space that genuinely supports and delights you.

Through a collaborative process, we listen intently to your desires and aspirations, then translate them into a design plan that reflects the essence of who you are. Home should be an island of safety, but also where you truly feel alive as well.

Honoring the Past, Designing the Future

Our HAUS IM studio embodies the very essence of Interior Matter. This historic space was once a vibrant hub for the local LGBT community in the 1970s, a legacy rich in activism and uninhibited self-expression. We honor this spirit by fostering a welcoming and inclusive community around design, a space where collaboration, inspiration, and genuine connection flourish.


You Are Invited

Haus IM welcomes everyone who appreciates good design. Participate in workshops, chats, and hands-on projects. Share ideas, learn from others, and discover the joy of creating together. Join us to ignite your creative spark, share knowledge, and connect with fellow design enthusiasts. From immersive workshops like “Art Smart” to intimate gatherings that spark conversation, there’s something for every curious mind.

Calendar of Events


Come Nest


Calling all kindred spirits and design aficionados! Our HAUS IM studio offers a haven of inspiration and energy for you to tap into. Whether you need a temporary office space in Washington, DC or simply a change of scenery to refresh your perspective. Link to

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