What Matters

October 2023 Issue

AI: Always iterating

In architecture and design, AI has transitioned from ‘Artificial Intelligence’ to ‘Always
Iterating,’ swiftly mastering the balance between form and function. But let’s not be
too quick to trade in our drafting tables for digital dominance. After all, while AI
might impeccably design a space with optimal sunlight and the least wind
resistance, only human architects would think to add a window to marvel at the
view or a quirky door that creaks in a way that reminds one of grandma’s house.
Tech might optimize, but it’s the human touch that personalizes.

Putting the TECH in Architecture

Rather than running scared, some architects are embracing the tools that AI provides.
AI can analyze datasets and specific projects to help orient the core mechanics of a
building or help deal with sinuous curves like Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA). ZHA has
been contracted for numerous office projects since the pandemic and has found AI
extremely helpful.

Designing Tomorrow

Generative AI may revolutionize interior design and architecture, offering fresh concepts
at lightning speed. But while it’s adept at sifting through inspirations and concocting
novel designs from prompts, humans still provide the industry’s soul and essence. AI is
a tool, not a replacement. Here is an example of a room that designed itself….sort of.

Command Prompt

In the homes of the future, AI seamlessly integrates with every corner, predicting our
needs before we even realize them. Rooms adjust their ambiance in real time, reflecting
our moods with lighting, temperature, and sound. Advanced AI systems proactively
manage energy usage, optimize safety, and curate personalized guest experiences. It’s
not just intelligent living; it’s an intuitive harmony between humans and home, all thanks
to artificial intelligence. Then there are the aesthetics! Check out these 15 AI-
generated modern homes.

On the boards

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