What Matters

January 2024 Issue

Artsy Smartsy

In luxury interior design, the presence of art is the soul whisperer, infusing each space with a distinctive personality and a layer of sophistication that transcends opulence. It’s not just about the visual feast; it’s about the emotional resonance that art brings, allowing a room to mirror the depths of human expression. The interplay of textures, forms, and hues in art pieces injects life into the meticulous design, gifting the space with a heartbeat, a unique character. This is the art of design where every stroke and every sculpture breathes a story, transforming luxe environments into intimate reflections of the self—spaces that don’t just shine with elegance but resonate with the stories and passions of those who dwell within.


Art waltzed into interiors in the European Renaissance (14th-16th Centuries), turning walls into canvases where frescoes mingled with daily life. Furniture, no longer mere functional pieces, echoed the artistry of sculpture with intricate carvings and classical motifs. Ceilings reached for the divine, transforming into celestial masterpieces that turned upward glances into moments of awe. This era was a tour de force in fusing art with space, making every room a dialogue between form and fantasy. Just look at Leonardo da Vinci’s mathematical perspective in this image of The Last Supper.


Ah, New York in the 70s and 80s, an era where “sofa-sized oils” were the Big Apple’s big idea of residential art—a rather tragic misstep in home decor. Imagine the horror: a bevy of furniture clamoring for attention, upstaged by a $100 oil painting looming above. Fast forward to the enlightened present, where an art collection isn’t just decoration, it’s a conversation with the space. It’s not about the fame or the size of the collection; it’s the thoughtful dance between art and furniture, layout playing the perfect partner. Let’s tour some rooms where art doesn’t just hang—it commands, converses, and dictates the very essence of design. Also, here are some projects designed by Interior Matter where the art led the design.


Interior Matter is proud to announce its alliance with Singulart based in Paris. Singulart represents 12,000 artists from 110 countries, half of whom are women. Did you know that works created by women represent only 11% of museum collections in the US? Singulart is an online gallery without borders that aims to provide artists representation and collectors access to affordable, original art. Ask us about our partnership.

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On the Boards this month – we’re featuring our #IMSmallWonder project. Our client – a young, professional bachelor – recently purchased this historic Capitol Hill rowhouse. The home is just the right size for his needs and in the perfect location, but it desperately needed a new kitchen and a full interior refresh to modernize and update the space.

Our plans include fully renovating the small (but mighty) kitchen on the back of the house, including a timeless, handsome mix of walnut and painted taupe cabinetry, brushed Van Gogh marble floor tile, moody dark grey quartz countertops, and a soft blue-gray backsplash tile with a subtle glaze detail that’s anything but ordinary. Around the corner, the new powder room design will inject loads of personality and charm with floor-to-ceiling dark blue penny tile and a floating walnut vanity. The brass details of the new mirror and wall sconce add warmth and a classic touch.

See a few screenshots from our design concepts below. Stay tuned as this project continues to develop!