What Matters

June 2023 Issue

Dual Design: Double The Impact

Salone del Mobile, the largest furniture fair in the world, returned to its Spring dates in April for the first time in three years, post-pandemic. One month later, the largest American furniture fair gathered in High Point, NC. Architecture, art, photography, lighting, and other design disciplines were brought together. This interdisciplinary approach fostered collaboration among creators and buyers alike. It also highlighted what has been happening in the industry for years. Luxury brands and named designers are collaborating more and more on furniture lines and capsule collections. You’ve seen it in fashion and now you’re seeing it more and more in furniture and interior design.

Industry Highlights x What Matters.


Jonathan Anderson, the spry 38-year-old mastermind behind Spanish fashion brand Loewe, has decided to sit down…on a throne of innovation. He has taken the simple stick chair, a seat often overlooked, and given it a dazzling, high-fashion makeover. Thirty chairs, 22 boasting the charm of vintage allure, have been wrapped, reinvented, and recoiled in a medley of materials, from luxurious leather to fantastical foil, snuggly shearling to riveting raffia, all dipped in an array of Loewe-loving colors. This makeover has not just uplifted these everyday chairs; it’s catapulted them into the high echelons of art. Loewe’s whirl of art, fashion, and design, it seems, has come full circle – with every piece bearing the chair’s signature ‘seat’ of approval!


In a plot twist worthy of a feel-good movie, rustic Fredericksburg, Ohio, has found a surprising dance partner in the glitz and glamour of New York’s Upper East Side. This unlikely duo takes center stage in Abner Henry’s seven-piece ensemble crafted exclusively for the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The Amish furniture studio, typically seen mastering the modern, took a trip down the art-history lane, borrowing inspiration from illustrious canvases of the 17th to 19th centuries. Degas, Klimt, Manet, Renoir, Seurat, Van Gogh, and Velázquez, whose masterpieces grace the Met, have found their works reincarnated into wood and brass. It’s a tale of two cities, told through furniture, where Fredericksburg, Ohio, meets New York’s Upper East Side, one art-inspired piece at a time.  Pictured is the Ventana standing mirror.


At CassinaPatricia Urquiola takes the elegance of her Hayama buffet, which sprung into existence in 2019, and multiplies it into a full-blown collection. Inspired by the haori, a traditional Japanese jacket that graces the kimono, Urquiola drapes her collection in this Eastern allure. The range, once a solo act, now boasts of a suave bar cabinet and a chic console. To add a new wrinkle to the design, a beautifully crafted fluted effect has been introduced, proving that in design, it’s all about the details.

But Urquiola didn’t stop at texture. She painted the town – or rather, the furniture – in two new shades of lacquer. Powder and cream now join the color palette. So, whether you’re looking for a place to stow your favorite spirits or need a stylish console, Patricia Urquiola’s collection is sure to make you say ‘haori-zontal’ surfaces have never looked this good!


Houston designer Benjamin Johnston stitches together his Italian travels into the Vacanza collection – a seamless assortment of fabrics and trimmings for S. Harris. Inspired by Italy’s flair for the finest craftsmanship, art, architecture, and fashion, Johnston has threaded the needle between inspiration and creation. The collection features geometric patterns boldly elbowing their way through textured neutrals. Johnston skillfully weaves together his love for the old and the new, creating a fabric tapestry that’s as versatile as a Swiss army knife. He says, “Exploring the Italian coastline, countryside, and cityscape has always woven together a sense of awe and adventure for me, and my goal was to capture that sensation.” These pieces form a tribute to mid-century influences and the spectacle of contemporary Italy, set against a backdrop of modern architecture and ancient monuments. In other words, it’s an all-inclusive, first-class ticket to Italy, minus the jet lag! So, if you’re looking to wrap your interiors in Italian elegance, the Vacanza collection is sure to have you saying, “sew amazing”!