What Matters

September 2021 Issue

Insta Gram Positive

September means back to school, the end of summer, the pandemic variants, and an uncertain future. We want to entertain you this month with some very funny design-related Instagram accounts we suggest following. My grandmother used to tell me that laughter is the best medicine. Let’s hope this old adage (and vaccines with boosters) helps us through this crazy time in our history.

On Cloud Nine

Remember life before the cloud? File storage and file sharing were difficult, tedious, time consuming, and if you’re a child of the 80s, then often required a floppy disk or two. This Instagram account highlights design humor and captures ye olden days of large file size problems with this funny post. If you have no idea what this means, then ask your parents!

Not a Fan

Perhaps the funniest account we’ve seen regarding interior design and architecture is PleaseHateTheseThings. These posts are from ACTUAL homes where REAL people made these “design” decisions. Enjoy one of our favorites and scan through the others for some real belly laughs.

The White(ish) House

This Instagram user with 1.3M followers takes the most unique home listings from around the world and gathers them here. From castles to homes with very unusual features, it’s a joy to see what’s for sale. This is a local favorite. 

Designers’ Block

We had dreams of modern design in the 1980s. We also liked acid washed jeans, big hair, leg warmers, and Members Only jackets. Many of you also know the number 867-5309. This account records the history of 1980s interior design. From glass block to Formica everything, enjoy the walk (or Jazzercise) down memory lane.

Behind the Scenes

Our 2-day photoshoot of our Chevy Chase project is complete. We brought in rugs, accessories, plants, trees, flowers, and even a baby grand piano for the final touches. Here is a peek at some behind-the-scenes footage.