What Matters

October 2021 Issue

Met Gala Mashup

The theme of this year’s Met Gala was American Independence. Many people criticized the vague theme, but fashion designers with their celebrity clients and muses interpreted the theme in fierce and fabulous ways. This month, we thought it would be fun to illustrate a Met Gala x Interior Design mashup. Which came first – trends in haute couture or trends in interior design? Cart and horse. Chicken and egg. Whatever you think about it, enjoy!

Lil Nas Why?

Because Lil Nas X is a phenom entertainer and a super hero. Versace created three golden layers for him to ultimately reveal a beaded, bedazzled body suit. Nas’s new album Montero (his given name, having been named after a Mitsubishi) is as layered as his outfit. Call Me By Your Name is the first song. His Met Gala fashion reminds us of a golden house in the Western desert that both reflects its surroundings and presents as armor in the desert. Lil Nas X’s body suit also reminds us of this glass bead wallpaper by Maya Romanoff. Ask your local interior designer how to use this sparingly for major impact and a little superpower.

Ray of Light

The legendary Iman wore Harris Reed to the Met Gala to evoke optimism and light at a dark time in our herstory. Born in Somalia and raised in Egypt before returning to Somalia and then on to Kenya, Iman was discovered by a fashion photographer and first appeared in Vogue in 1976 well before anyone else on this list was even born! Fashion model, TV and film actor, successful businessperson, and generous philanthropist, Iman is a global citizen. Oh, and she happened to be married to David Bowie for 23 years until he died in 2016. This gorgeous living room has so many obvious and subtle connections to Iman’s gown. The flowing ceiling mount light fixture reflects Iman’s feathered head piece. The organic, rounded seating looks like the overall shape of Iman’s gown, and the fireplace and filtered natural light are like the soft light emanating from Iman.

Dune Good

Dune star Timothée Chalamet wore his own mashup of Haider Ackermann, Rick Owens, and Converse kicks. A little bit formal, a little bit sharp and angular, and definitely comfortable in familiar shoes. Likewise, this bedroom shares some of the same attributes with comfortable antique wood arm chairs. Even the red stripe in the Converse sneakers is reflected in the touch of red in this bedroom. At 25 years old, Chalamet is already a force on the big screen.  We can’t wait for the Dune release in the USA on October 22. Stay duned!

Helen of Troye

Troye Sivan wore AltuRick Owens shoes, and Cartier jewelry and in doing so showed the world how the simplicity of the little black dress along with fabulous accessories is timeless and elegant. Similarly, Steven Harris Architects builds and renovates timeless, modern homes decorating them with fabulous furniture and accessories. His 1957 mid-Century modern home in Palm Springs was stripped down to its intended core (removing later modifications) and redesigned with the correct proportions, furniture, art, and accessories for timeless living. It’s the little black dress in the California desert.