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December 2019 Issue

Missions Accomplished

Happy 2020 from Interior Matter!

Governments from around the world have been recently building and renovating their diplomatic buildings and campuses to house their diplomatic missions. They are literally building diplomacy. We are going to take a look at two such projects.


The US embassy in the UK has finally moved and reopened in its new $1B building across the Thames. Sadly, the embassy had to leave its Saarinen designed building in Mayfair due to security and sustainability reasons. It would have cost a fortune to remodel. But, we think this new modernist glass cube designed by Philly-based Kieran Timberlake (no relation to Justin) will stand the test of time. More.

Achtung Baby

The German Embassy in Washington DC was initially designed by Egon Eiermann in the Bauhaus style which at the time was a rejection of Nazi architecture. It was both a design and political statement and is a style that continues to influence current, modern architecture. The landmark building was recently renovated and restored. Architecture Matters. More.

London Matters

London is big and fabulous with lots of neighborhoods in which to get lost. Other than the financial district, it’s low and sprawling. Some hotels and restaurants we like:

Berlin Matters

Even though we’d like you to check out the German Embassy in Washington DC, we thought you may also like to visit the seat of the German government in Berlin.


Hotel de Rome (pictured above)

25 Hours

Das Stue



Katz Orange

Tim Raue

Goldener Hahn (cash only)


Mogg (lunch)

In the Press

In case you missed it, Interior Matter is honored to be included in the 2019 Home & Design’s Hot Talent issue. We would like to thank Sharon Dan and her team at Home & Design as well as our clients and colleagues for their business and support. We look forward to your referrals and future projects.