What Matters

June 2022 Issue

New York Stories

For the first time since 2019, Interior Matter made it to New York for the International Contemporary Furniture Fair. We also scoured the city’s furniture showrooms for trends and pieces for our clients both current and future. Finally in this issue, What Mattersreturns to making travel recommendations. The pandemic isn’t over and neither is our curiosity to travel safely.

Choose your marbles

From the Taj Mahal to the Parthenon to the Lincoln Memorial to the statue of David, marble has played a significant role in architecture and sculpture over many centuries. While we are used to marble countertops and marble bathrooms, veiny and colorful marble is now being joyfully used in modern furniture. Check out these marble tables.

Lighting the muse

The technology of small, energy-efficient, long-lasting, and color-correcting LED bulbs has transformed the lighting industry. The shape or size of an incandescent or halogen bulb are no longer hindrances to good design. We saw some spectacular pendants, lamps, and installations to light any space. Crystal, wood, bronze, brass, and even marble play supporting roles.

Holly Hunt

Which craft

A very noticeable characteristic of the furniture, furnishings, and lighting we liked in NY is the high level of craft. It really is all in the details. These pieces are not mass produced. You can almost see the artisan’s hand. How do two pieces of material join one another? How do drawers and doors and other moving parts work? How does the surface feel? Please enjoy these construction details.

When in New York, WHAT MATTERS recommends

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