What Matters

December 2023 Issue

Past forward

In modern interior design, incorporating sentimental elements offers a unique opportunity to blend the contemporary with the nostalgic. Imagine a sleek, modern living space where each line and texture speaks of the now, yet elements of personal history find their place within this framework. Artfully restored and refreshed, a vintage piece becomes a focal point, its story enriching the room’s narrative. Once relegated to attics, family heirlooms now find new life amid clean lines and minimalist decor, bridging generations. Customized items tailored to your journey add layers of depth and meaning. This approach isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s a thoughtful curation of the past, seamlessly integrated into a modern design ethos, creating spaces that are not only visually striking but emotionally resonant.

What Matters first takes a look at the symphony of old and new in architecture through a global tour of these famed buildings. Behold the facades where history whispers and the future shouts, a juxtaposition as deliberate as it is striking. These storied structures, once bound by the constraints of their original era, have stretched their wings through expansion – each extension a bold declaration of the present, yet paying homage to the past. The dance between the two is a choreographed number that avoids overshadowing; it’s an honest reveal of evolution in stone and steel. Modern additions dare to dream bigger, to serve more expansively, all while tipping their hat to the architectural lineage that birthed them.

The alchemy of blending vintage modern furniture with contemporary spaces infuses a room with soul and stories. Imagine a sleek, modern sofa sharing floor space with a mid-century credenza, each piece whispering tales from different eras. Antiques are not just furnishings; they are time-traveling storytellers, their patina rich with reminiscences. They bring a depth of character to the polished chrome and glass of the now, like wise elders conversing with the technology-tuned youth. This is where memories garnish the modern, where every scratch, dent, and smooth-worn finish adds a layer of narrative, a dash of the unique. Each piece is a conversation starter, a remembrance of the past, perfectly poised to create new memories in the present. Check out these modern living rooms where trained interior designers carefully use vintage pieces.

Navigating the dance of vintage and modern elements in decor need not be a solo venture – why not waltz with a design maestro? Cohesion is key, not a haphazard clutter or a page ripped out of a showroom catalog. It’s about quality, the thoughtful play of scale, and a harmony of forms. Consider a sprinkle of vintage across your space, a curated mix from the eras – mid-century sleek, art deco glamour, and the timeless allure of antiques. Picture it: a 20% whisper of yesteryears against an 80% backdrop of today’s crisp lines. There’s a certain enchantment in this design transformation, where the essence of time is woven into the fabric of your space, giving it a pulse – a room with a soul that bridges the days gone by with the here and now.



Modern Luxury Interiors Washington recently launched their first annual Best of Design awards to highlight the best of design in Washington, DC – from the best showrooms, to the top tastemakers, these people and places are making their mark in the DMV, shaping the design industry for the better.

Big thanks to @modernluxuryinteriors for the shoutout; we’re officially the Best Residential/Commercial Interior Design Firm, and we couldn’t be more thrilled if we were upholstered in velvet… oh wait 😹 Cheers to dazzling designs, fabulous parties, and homes that make us say ‘When can I move?’ 🏡🥳

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