What Matters

December 2020 Issue

Peace Out 2020

As we look back on 2020 through the lens of Interior Matter, we’re thankful and grateful to our clients and supporters who continued their projects, hired us during the pandemic, and trusted us to design their dream homes.  And to those who featured us in the press and who follow us on Instagram, thank you.  We had the opportunity in 2020 to hire three new team members while operating safely and distantly from one another and from our clients.  Thank you to our clients and to our team; you have been our 2020 silver lining. We want to wish you a happy, healthy holiday and new year!  Like many of you, we’re looking forward to 2021.  Be safe, be well, and we’ll see you in January.

Piece Out 2020

We thought you’d enjoy seeing some of our favorite pieces of furniture from 2020:

We don’t often like to toot our own horns, but since everyone has been at home for the last ten months staring at their interior spaces with critical eyes, we thought we’d promote the idea that working with an interior designer saves money in the long run.  Working with an interior designer provides value and saves you from more costly mistakes than if you were to work only with a general contractor or an architect.  We are trained to understand how scale, balance, function, three-dimensional space, and aesthetics all work together.  Do you have enough room between your kitchen island and counter?  Is there too much space between your sofa and cocktail table?  Is your TV too low?  Too high?  Do you even have time to take on these projects?  Do you have access to furniture manufacturers not in a retail catalog?  We can help.  We live for these challenges.  We love figuring out what home means to you and making it happen.

Political Polling, Intermittent Masking, and Accent Walls

Let’s chalk up these mistakes to 2020.  Here are some frequent interior design mistakes to avoid in 2021 and always.  Enjoy!

Before and After

We took this bathroom from dark and tiny to spa-like and fabulous.  This entire renovation happened behind masks and in a sea of Lysol wipes.  We’re grateful to our client for letting our team safely work during the pandemic.  And here is our first clean and crisp pandemic bathroom….