What Matters

March 2021 Issue

Scene Between the Lines

Mise-en-scène refers to everything that appears before a camera in a film. The set design, lighting, space, composition, costumes, hair and makeup, acting, etc. We often think about interior design in similar terms. How will a space be developed? How will people engage with the space? There is an interesting intersection between mise-en-scène and interior design discussed in this article. This month we decided to talk about current films and TV and their production designs. One of our favorite directors in this regard is Wes Anderson, and if you’re not already following @accidentallywesanderson on Instagram, then please enjoy.

The Chess Set

The Queen’s Gambit is the most watched Netflix series ever! If you haven’t seen it then please check it out (pun intended). The story is compelling and the acting extraordinary but the production design is perfection.

Sets Apart

What are your favorite TV and film sets of 2020? Here is one critic’s top 10 list. We would also add the mid-century modern house nicknamed The Gilded Cage in Swallow. Located in upstate New York overlooking the Hudson, it is also available to rent!

Behind Every Promising Young Woman…

…is magnificent production design. Carey Mulligan is seriously talented and incredible in this role, and this film critic calls the look of the film “a neon nihilism that leaps off the screen”.

On the Boards:


At Interior Matter, we’re setting the scene for our client’s new bachelor pad and whiskey collection. This client wanted his new home to feel modern and inviting while incorporating some softer touches. Our design team took this blank canvas and added warm wood tones, pops of color, and luxurious textiles to create the perfect space for our client (as well as for all of his friends — while they watch football together on the hidden 65″ TV within his gallery wall).