What Matters

May 2020 Issue

See, Hear, Smell, Taste

This month Interior Matter chatted with Lauren Laitin, Founder and Principal of DC-based Parachute Coaching, a leadership coaching practice, about ways we might carve up our space to focus our time. “Work-life boundaries are always a work in progress,” Laitin said. “Now we’ve turned up the volume big time on those challenges by trying to do it all in one space. But the go-to strategy remains the same: focus on delineating your space and time to make active, empowered decisions about how you want to use your time. A key ingredient now will be to separate out (mentally and physically) work time from play time.”  So Interior Matter and Parachute developed a multi-sensory way to parse space in order to create more productive time. Here are some inexpensive, thoughtful ideas to get your senses sparked when using your space for both work and play.

Escape Artists

For some jaw-dropping distraction from your next Zoom call, we thought you might like to take a peak inside of this incredibly well-designed home in Montana. More here.

Film Processing

Here is another distraction.  Check out these architecture and design documentaries to scratch your creative itch. More here.