What Matters

September 2023 Issue

Upon return

For design and travel aficionados: Meet Jason Claire, former Interior Matter co-founder, now the Chief Traveler behind Upon Return. Upon Return is a different kind of travel guide. It’s a curated collection of global gems handpicked by Jason after dedicating years to exploring 65 countries, numerous hotels, and countless restaurants. Think of it as accessing the diary of someone who doesn’t just travel but deeply immerses, returning multiple times to his favorite spots and forging genuine, local connections.

His criteria: unyielding passion, soul, and authentic local ties. These are places where the essence is undeniable, where teams serve, cook, or perform not just as a job but as their life’s calling. Each recommendation has consistently proven its excellence and commitment to its craft.

Sign up to learn more about Upon Return to access Jason’s treasure trove of experiences, curated for those who value quality over quantity. Perhaps upon return home from a trip, you’ll want to share your story with friends and plan your next adventure.

What follows are examples of some of Upon Return’s curated destinations once it launches:

RESTAURANT – Brasserie Uno, Zermatt, Switzerland

This is precisely what you want in one of the most romantic ski villages in the world. The exceptional tasting menu and masterful service combine for a friendly, delicious dinner celebrating local, sustainable ingredients served on antique white and blue dinnerware.  Reserve well in advance and dine after a long day of skiing around the Matterhorn.

HOTEL – Villa Dubrovnik, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik’s ancient walled city is an incredible destination, and staying outside of it, away from the tourists, at this modern hotel is the perfect location to appreciate. Villa Dubrovnik is simply relaxing with direct access and views of the Adriatic and the walled city (with a modern gym, pool, and spa). Take a private Villa Dubrovnik water taxi or walk into town for sightseeing and dinner. Room 102 is our favorite.

SHOP – Andraab, Jaipur, India

There are pashminas, and then there are Kashmir shawls and throws from Andraab. We’ve never felt anything softer and finer. The exceptional hand-weaving with hand-stitched embroidery results from a lifelong passion for using 15th Century Persian techniques to elevate what others call pashminas. We want to wrap ourselves in these all year long.

 SITE – Saihoji Temple, Kyoto, Japan

Known as “The Moss Temple,” this temple complex defines your moment of Zen. Before exploring the grounds (spoiler: covered in moss), you must spend 20 minutes copying Japanese calligraphy while sitting at a small table on a tatami mat to quiet your mind and body. It’s all an extraordinary experience and luscious for your soul. The critical thing to know here is that, like with much of Japan, a local tour company must arrange your reservation, and a passport scan will be required for tickets. It’s not a Taylor Swift concert, but tickets are limited!