What Matters

April 2021 Issue

What’s Your Type?

If you pause and focus on every visual message that you see during the day then you’re acknowledging the impact of graphic design. How does a message get communicated through the use of font, color, imagery, and other graphic elements? From street signs to corporate logos to wayfinding signage to Ikea assembly instructions, typography and graphic design are everywhere. This month we look at the intersection of graphic design and public health, the best in airport wayfinding, and the graphic design practitioners leading us into the future.

Universal Health Care

Graphic design and public health are interestingly intertwined. Think about the first time you saw an anti-smoking sign or a poster about HIV prevention. This article provides a history of successful public health campaigns with their corresponding messaging. Currently and obviously there have been campaigns all over the world about Covid-19 awareness and protection. These are some of the messages developed.

The Mother Schip

Finding your way through a large international airport (especially outside of your home country) can be stressful. Security, immigration, baggage claim, gates, ticketing, bathrooms, duty free – there is a flow necessary and a graphic design discipline called wayfinding that helps travelers navigate these immense indoor spaces. Experts say that Schipol Airport in Amsterdam is at the cutting edge of a traveler-focused experience with an easy-to-navigate wayfinding system featuring specific fonts, colors, designs, and graphics that make it a pleasure to travel to and transfer in Amsterdam. Hopefully we can all get there soon.

The Future Is Now

Take a look and set your Instagram to these 20 cutting-edge graphic designers winning in their industry.

On the Boards

Inspired by the design of the primary bedroom at the 2020 Aspire Design Showhouse in McLean, Virginia, our client had a clear vision of the space she wanted for this room. A list of words became design concepts: Modern, warm, current, timeless, serene, layered, textured, elegant, and high contrast. We started our layering journey behind the bed with a showstopping, hand-stitched wallcovering by Mark Alexander that set the tone. We then added a chunky, cozy wool area rug to build a foundation and tell the story of this space. Here are the design concept board and digital rendering of this fabulous bedroom.