What Matters

March 2024 Issue

You’ve Got A Trend

This year, we’re not just filling spaces; we’re defining them. Expect a canvas where colored grout transcends its humble origins, becoming the foundation of tile artistry. Taller backsplashes and multi-drawer, split-panel cabinetry redefine functional elegance, while stained cabinetry introduces depth with a whisper of the dramatic. As we navigate these trends, remember, good design is not just seen – it’s felt. Join us on a journey through the spaces that promise more than just living; they promise a life well-designed.


Colored grout has become an essential design choice, from filling spaces between tiles to adding real style. It lets you add contrast or match your room’s colors, making simple tiles stand out or blend in. But picking the right color is crucial – it can change the whole look of a room. Remember, colored grout needs care to keep its color bright. So, think carefully before choosing, as it can make your design pop or flop.


In the evolving landscape of bathroom design, functionality and finesse converge beautifully. Taller backsplashes and split panel cabinetry emerge as the latest highlights, merging practicality with elegance. These trends transform the bathroom into a stylish retreat. Extended backsplashes provide ample protection and a canvas for creativity through striking tiles or smooth stone. Split single-panel, multi-drawer cabinetry blends traditional allure with modern simplicity, optimizing space with style. Together, they create a refined and inviting space, showcasing how thoughtful details shape exquisite interiors.


Interior designers are embracing warmth and naturalism in custom cabinetry, with a notable shift towards natural wood and stained cabinetry. This trend signifies a departure from the stark looks of the past, inviting a more welcoming, cozy atmosphere into the heart of the home. Wood, with its inherent warmth and unique grain patterns, introduces an element of organic beauty, making each kitchen feel bespoke and intimately connected to nature. This approach creates a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity, making kitchens not just culinary workspaces but central gathering spots that radiate comfort and style.


Nestled above Lake Garda, Cape of Senses is a secluded 5-star retreat that offers unparalleled wellness experiences and exquisite cuisine, with breathtaking views that promise tranquility. Just 40 km from Verona, it’s an oasis of luxury where every detail caters to the discerning traveler seeking rejuvenation amidst nature’s splendor. The service and level of hospitality are of the highest quality.

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On the boards this month, we’re delighted to share our #IMBestOfGrowthWorlds project. This one really tested our creative problem-solving skills. Our clients came to us with a unique situation: the desire to make several short-term transformations to their current home (that they’ve quickly outgrown working and studying from home over the last few years) as they simultaneously continued a 2-year ongoing search for the perfect, larger “forever” home.

We are highlighting the space that presented the most challenging design puzzle for our team – the basement Rec Room. The existing space had a lot of potential, comprising roughly half of the available living/family room space in this end-unit rowhome in Glover Park.

The Rec Room was very much a “catch all” room with no clear function, an undefined assortment of furniture placed haphazardly and cluttered with toys, sporting equipment, files, books and more. Our design solution delivers everything on their wish list – a furniture plan that divides the large room into two zones for a separate TV and lounge area and work/game area with wrap-around custom built-in storage maximizing every inch. Some of our favorite elements include a flexible pair of café tables that can be pushed together for a family board game or pulled apart for individual work setups; a built-in that wraps three walls and cleverly hides the existing, functional radiator that will remain, and a cozy bench seat (with storage below) for comfortable work and play time.