What Matters

June 2020 Issue

Zooming In

Are you working from a home office or the dining room? Are you finding that your desk is an appropriate size, or are you at the breakfast table? How about your chair? Is it comfortable, or are you sitting on a barstool? And those walls behind your Zoom calls? Are they bare or filled with artwork that highlights your personality? We are happy to share with you that this month’s newsletter is focused on the importance of your home office. Interior Matter enlisted its colleague Danielle Glosser, Founder and Principal of Client Raiser, a DC-based consulting firm that works with visual artists, to articulate the importance of having a functional and aesthetically pleasing home office during this time. More.

Exploring the Deep Slate

We know it’s June already, but time seems arbitrary these days. The Pantone color of 2020 is called Classic Blue. It’s a dusky hue that brings peace and tranquility. It’s a great color to paint your office, use in home office upholstery, or even desk accessories. More.

Pull Speed Ahead!

We’re optimistic about the future of working from home – at least some reasonable balance between home and office. In the meantime, consider dressing up your home office with these gorgeous new leather pulls from Knoll. More.

In the News

We thought you might enjoy this Forbes article on how an interior designer can save you money on renovations and increase the value of your home.

Just Completed

Interior Matter was in mid-renovation on this master bathroom when lockdown began.  Fortunately, construction was deemed essential and our client allowed progress to continue.  A few hiccups later regarding the logistics of the in-wall toilet flusher (insert COVID-19 toilet paper joke) and our client is thrilled with the results.